Eastern barred bandicoots returned to the wild in Dunkeld

“What are those fluffy white dogs doing in that paddock?” has been a common question Hayley Glover, Dunkeld Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Conservation Manager, has received over the last few months. The answer? These cute dogs have one very important mission: To keep predators away from these critically endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoots. Roaming a Dunkeld […]

The Best Walks and Hikes in Gariwerd (Grampians)

There is no escaping the charm of Gariwerd (Grampians National Park). As you approach Dunkeld – from any which direction – the mountains appear and so does the instant wonderment of this incredible landscape. What better way to appreciate it, than explore one of the many walks and hikes in the region? The southern edge […]

Wildflower Season in Gariwerd (Grampians National Park)

Epic mountains, stunning views, endless kangaroos and beautiful sunsets often top the list of reasons to visit Gariwerd. However, the striking elements of the region don’t stop there – come late winter the national park bursts with colourful wildflowers. Gariwerd is home to one third of Victoria’s flora, hiding within the rugged mountain range. More […]

Introducing the Grampians Peaks Trail

A world-class, 160km hike based in Gariwerd (Grampians National Park), is set to be complete this December. Starting in the north, at Mura Mura (Mount Zero), near Horsham, the Grampians Peaks Trail takes hikers over the majestic Gariwerd peaks. The final ascent is  Wurgarri (Mount Sturgeon), before completing the hike at the Dunkeld trailhead, just […]

A road trip worth daydreaming about

As we’ve all sat in our homes, cooped up in isolation, it’s left a lot of time for daydreaming. As the world returns to its new normal, Royal Mail Hotel is ready and waiting to turn those dreams into a reality. The freedom of driving will have a whole new meaning. We’ll feel 18-years-old again, […]