An innate respect for nature

Protecting our natural environment is imperative to the Royal Mail Hotel and our community. A stay with us will connect you with nature and inspire you.

Further down on this page, you can find a non-exhaustive list of the practices and initiatives we have implemented to reduce our environmental impact, protect the area’s biodiversity and contribute to the Dunkeld community.

We encourage guests to be mindful of their environmental footprint while visiting Dunkeld by getting out and seeing the beauty of southern Gariwerd (Grampians National Park) on foot and supporting other small businesses in our local community. Extra points if you hang up your towel, turn off your air conditioning and bring your reusable water bottle.

Mount Sturgeon
We planted over 49,000 local trees last year as part of revegetation programs

Dunkeld Pastoral Co. Pty Ltd (DPC), the hotel’s parent company, participates in a wide range of conservation initiatives, including partnering in several threatened species recovery programs. Our conservation team are working to protect populations of species once endemic to the area, including; Eastern Quolls, Eastern Barred Bandicoots, Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies, Fat-tailed Dunnarts and Squirrel Gliders.

Quoll breeding program
For us, the essence of our sustainability vision is the simple idea of “leaving things in better shape than when we first got there”. We hope this is a vision you will share with us.
The Royal Mail Hotel Owners

Enviromental Sustainability

Protecting and preserving the natural beauty of our land

  • Up to 80% of the produce showcased on the Royal Mail Hotel menus is grown onsite in the kitchen garden. The restaurant’s menus are seasonal and are dictated by Dunkeld’s micro-climate. Kitchen Garden
  • The kitchen garden produce is organically grown. Without the use of herbicides or pesticides, the produce is fresher, the soil is healthier and chemicals do not enter local water systems. Kitchen Garden
  • The hotel composts food waste. This compost is returned to the soil of the kitchen garden and acts as a natural fertiliser for plants. Kitchen Garden
  • The fresh produce from the kitchen garden and lamb and beef from our farms travels metres not miles. This lessens the impact that transport has on the environment – an important factor given the hotel’s regional location. Kitchen Garden
  • Dunkeld Pastoral Co. Pty Ltd (DPC), the hotel’s parent company, is aiming for carbon neutral lamb and beef production by 2030. Kitchen Garden
  • The lamb and beef are broken down on site by the chefs. This enables nose-to-tail butchering and less waste from the animal. Kitchen Garden
  • Produce that cannot be grown onsite is locally sourced. For example, Allfresh Seafood from Warrnambool and Great Ocean Ducks from Port Campbell. Kitchen Garden
  • Excess produce from the kitchen garden and orchards is turned into jams and preserves. Kitchen Garden
  • All cardboard boxes are recycled correctly at a nearby Transfer Station. Wooden boxes are reused and repurposed. Corks are given to the local kindergarten for craft projects. Bottles are given to a local resident of Dunkeld and transported to South Australia for the correct recycling process. Wine
  • Native gardens surround the hotel. These gardens are designed to showcase the beauty and diversity of Australian plants, have lower water requirements than European-style gardens and create habitat for native animals. Gardens & Conservation
  • Since 2014, DPC has plants approximately 20,000 local trees, shrubs and grasses as part of revegetation programs and land conservation around Dunkeld. Gardens & Conservation
  • DPC is working to protect and enhance biodiversity on our farms through a large number of management strategies which include, protection of all waterways, covenanting of remnant native vegetation, reflooding wetlands (which provide vital habitat for flora and fauna, sequester carbon and recharge underground water supplies) as well as managing grazing pressure and farm inputs and controlling pest plants and animals. Gardens & Conservation
  • Wickens is equipped with solar panels, with planning for an expansion of this program underway. Energy
  • Wickens uses induction stove tops – much more energy efficient than a gas or electric stovetop. Energy
  • The hotel has both Tesla and Porsche electric car chargers for guest use. Energy
  • Recent and planned upgrades to the hotel include the use of local materials to reduce the impact of transportation and to support local businesses. Sustainable sourcing
  • Refillable soap, shampoo and conditioner dispensers instead of single use bottles. Reduce single-use items
  • Bio-degradable coffee pods are provided in the hotel rooms. Reduce single-use items


Royal Mail Hotel employs more than 80 team members from the local, domestic and international community.

  • Team members are provided housing options within the township of Dunkeld. Employee benefits
  • Chefs work a four-day week, promoting a healthy work/life balance. Employee benefits
  • A preference for local suppliers and service providers. Supporting local
  • Dunkeld kindergarten and primary school are offered education opportunities through the hotel and with our conservation team. Community development
  • The hotel sponsors a range of locally based sporting groups from the football and netball club to lawn bowls, golf and cricket clubs. Sponsorship and fundraising
  • The hotel supports not for profits and community groups such as local CWA, Rotary, Historical Society and Health Service. Sponsorship and fundraising
  • DPC has donated land along Salt Creek for the creation of a walking track, provision of an easement through DPC land for the construction of the Grampians Peaks Trail linking the township of Dunkeld to this landmark project within the neighbouring Gariwerd National Park. Community development
  • Annual scholarship awarded to a student graduating from Dunkeld Consolidated Primary School to contribute to their further education. Sponsorship and fundraising
  • DPC provides support for indigenous students from the remote community of Kalumburu to go to school in Hamilton. Community development
  • DPC supports local projects such as the redevelopment of the community hall. Community development
  • DPC provides support for biannual sculpture competition – prizes and acquisition of artwork to be placed along Salt Creek walking track. Community development
  • The last Sunday of every month, Parker Street Project hosts a local live music act. Community development
  • The hotel offers apprenticeships, professional training and team excursions. Employee benefits
  • Customer Relationship Management software, Cendyn, support local charities in Canada. Vectron/BPos supports the Peter MacCallum foundation. Supplier sourcing
View of Mount Sturgeon from the kitchen garden
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In the spirit of reconciliation, Royal Mail Hotel acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Custodians of the land we are on, the Gunditjmara and Eastern Maar Peoples and their elders past, present and future. Continue reading.