Safeguarding our Native Wildlife: Royal Mail Hotel’s Pioneering Conservation Ventures

Nestled in the Southern Grampians (Gariwerd), the Royal Mail Hotel transcends its reputation as a mere gastronomic haven. As the curiosity of our guests grows regarding our dedication to preserving the natural splendor of the region, this commitment is now claiming a spotlight of its own.

The Mount Sturgeon Biodiversity Reserve serves as a living testament to our dedication to wildlife conservation. At the forefront of this mission is the Predator-Proof Fence Project, a bold initiative, partially funded by the Australian Government’s Environment Restoration Fund. Covering 95 hectares, this fortress ensures a secure haven for the resurgence of a range of native species including the eastern quoll, once vanished from mainland Australia.


Pictured: Predator Proof Fence at Mount Sturgeon Bio-Diversity Reserve

The Royal Mail Hotel’s journey in conservation began when a local Dunkeld family acquired the property in the mid-1980s. What was once a humble bluestone inn from 1855 has transformed into one of Victoria’s premier escapes, with a deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship.

Conservation Manager Kai Dailey shares the essence of our sustainability vision: “Leaving things in better shape than when we first got there.” This ethos drives us to not only protect but also regenerate and rewild the landscape.

Our initiatives extend beyond predator-proof fencing. Recent milestones include a reforestation program that breathes life into native habitats and sustainable agriculture practices minimising our environmental footprint. Kai Dailey notes,

“We’re especially proud of recent initiatives, like our reforestation program, which has restored native habitats and improved biodiversity. Looking forward, our holistic approach aims to create wildlife corridors, expand captive-breeding programs, and foster research initiatives. Over the next few decades, we see conservation efforts evolving to become even more integrated into our core operations, making a lasting positive impact on the area’s biodiversity,” envisions Kai.

Pictured: Conservation Manager Kai Dailey with an Eastern Spotted Quoll

By immersing yourself in the Royal Mail Hotel experience, you become a vital part of this journey. Every visit supports our mission to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem, ensuring that the wilderness we cherish today flourishes for generations to come. Guests are invited to join a Native Wildlife Feeding Tour experience at 4.30pm on select days of the week during their stay – find out more


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