Celebrating a Milestone in Quoll Conservation: The Release at Shepherd’s Hut Sanctuary

Monday 18th March 2024 marked a significant milestone in our ongoing journey of wildlife conservation. Kai Dailey, our Conservation Manager, along with his Conservation Team, had the privilege of venturing to Ararat to undertake the release of three female eastern quolls into the Shepherd’s Hut Sanctuary. Nestled within the regenerative farm of Jack and Celia Tucker, this sanctuary serves as a beacon of hope for the resurgence of native species.


Pictured: Conservation Manager Kai Dailey releasing a quoll at Shepherd’s Hut Sanctuary 

The quolls released, affectionately named Queenie, Quesadilla, and Panda, represent not just individuals, but symbols of our collective dedication to preserving biodiversity. Panda, imported from Trowunna Wildlife Park in Tasmania in 2021 at the age of one, joined her daughters Queenie and Quesadilla, born mid-2021 in Dunkeld, for this momentous occasion.

These three quolls, aged 3 and 4 years old, may be past their breeding age, but their release signifies a new chapter in their lives. Set free in a predator-proof, semi-wild environment, they now have the opportunity to roam, forage, and nest in a habitat reminiscent of their natural surroundings.

Watch a short video of the release here

Their well-being remains a priority, with regular cage trapping and health checks planned to ensure their continued welfare. Initially, supplementary feeding will help them transition from captive diets to the abundance of insects and rabbits available in their new home. Monitoring their weight and health will guide us in providing additional support if needed, ensuring they thrive in their sanctuary.

Shepherd’s Hut Sanctuary is already home to Brush-tailed Bettongs (Woylies) and Southern Brown Bandicoots, and next year, we plan to introduce breeding pairs of eastern quolls to further enrich the sanctuary’s biodiversity.

As part of the South West Eastern Quoll Hub, a collaborative effort involving Nature Glenelg Trust, Dunkeld Pastoral Co, and other local partners, this release is a testament to what can be achieved through shared conservation objectives.

We are immensely grateful to Jack and Celia Tucker for their dedication to conservation and their invaluable partnership in this endeavor. Their sanctuary provides a safe haven not just for quolls, but for a myriad of native species, ensuring a brighter future for our natural heritage.

This journey is one we are proud to share with our guests at the Royal Mail Hotel. Your support enables us to continue making strides in wildlife conservation, ensuring that the wilderness we cherish today flourishes for generations to come.


Pictured: Conservation Manager Kai Dailey with an Eastern Quoll

Guests are invited to join a Native Wildlife Feeding Tour experience at 4.30pm on select days of the week during their stay – find out more

Stay tuned for more updates on our conservation efforts and how you can be a part of this inspiring journey.

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