The Royal Mail Hotel is home to Australia’s largest working restaurant kitchen garden. Up to 80% of the produce showcased on the various Royal Mail Hotel menus is grown onsite and harvested daily by the kitchen team.

The kitchen garden supplies the restaurants with basic produce such as potatoes, garlic and onions, while also growing interesting and obscure produce. The garden team is always refining and trialing the selection of plants and choosing the right varieties to suit the area and conditions. For example, cylindra beetroot is a less common variety but one that is used regularly in the kitchen. Other successful experiments have been white asparagus and watercress.

Our chefs are in the garden every day picking the produce they need and watching the life cycle of the garden. The produce is grown organically, without the use of herbicides and pesticides. This method of farming means our produce is flavourful and just how nature intended it to be. It does, however, leave us open to the elements, meaning uniform shapes and sizes cannot always be achieved – an aspect of our story we are very proud of.

Our neighbouring farm supplies beef and lamb which are born and bred for use specifically in the Royal Mail Hotel restaurants, and further produce is grown and in surrounding orchards and olive groves. Chefs forage in other secret locations too!

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