Too many wedding disruptions? Consider eloping

It’s a frustrating time to be having a wedding. There have been endless disruptions due to COVID-19, with seemingly no end in sight. If getting married isn’t about having a big party, have you considered eloping to the Royal Mail Hotel? Whether your family is scattered all over the world and can’t travel, or belts […]

Intimate weddings in the time of COVID-19

The world is looking a little different than it did a few months ago. Large gatherings and international travel are a thing of the past. But that doesn’t mean your world has to stop. Here are some tips to planning a small, intimate wedding at Royal Mail Hotel. Whether your family is scattered all over […]

Winter Wedding Ideas for a Country Wedding

Stand out from the crowd ­– have you considered a winter wedding? Celebrations in winter carry their own unique beauty. Here is a list of winter wedding ideas that will make your special day magical, bought to you by the Royal Mail Hotel. Summer weddings have their perks, but they often occur all at once […]

Summer Country Wedding Ideas

Blue skies, long days, warm nights and bright colours, summer weddings are the perfect time of year to celebrate love. Here is a complete list of summer country wedding ideas, brought to you by the team at the Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld. It’s called ‘wedding season’ for a reason, so what are the key ingredients to […]