Wines to help you through winter

It’s the time of year where the woolly socks and slow cooking recipes books are pulled out from the back of cupboards. Add a glass of a delicious wine and you have the perfect winter combination. The Royal Mail Hotel Sommeliers – Matthew and Peter – have chosen three wines at stellar prices for large […]

A Winter Escape to the Mount Sturgeon Cottages

Don’t run away from winter – embrace it for its attractive qualities. Think, cosying up next to a toasty fire place in your very own private cottage at the base of the Grampians. Now, that is the perfect recipe for enjoying winter. That’s where the Royal Mail Hotel Mount Sturgeon Cottages come in. The cottages […]

Fat-Tailed Dunnarts Join Royal Mail Hotel Conservation Program

The Royal Mail Hotel Conservation team have added another resident to the Mount Sturgeon Biodiversity Reserve – the cute and tiny carnivorous marsupial called Fat-Tailed Dunnarts. Endemic to Australia, there are 19 known species of dunnarts living across the continent.  They are part of the Dasyuridae family, which also includes quolls and the Tasmanian devil. […]

Non-Alcoholic Match in Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel

The marriage between food and drink is one of life’s many pleasures. Although the Royal Mail Hotel is a wine-lovers dream, we understand that it’s not for everyone, every time. Enjoy the Non-Alcoholic match in Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel, called the Garden match. Our two-hatted, fine dining restaurant, Wickens at Royal Mail Hotel, is […]

Summer Abundance in the Kitchen Garden

Hot weather means warm soils, primed for growing fresh fruit and vegetables. The seasons abundance is flowing into the kitchen, making it no better time to visit the Royal Mail Hotel. As the calendar flips over to February, a bounty of summer produce is ready and being harvested daily by the chefs. Seasonal favourites like […]

Summer Road Trip: Melbourne to Dunkeld

Sometimes podcasts just don’t make a long drive go any quicker. Fortunately, there are plenty of attractions on your way to Dunkeld that make the drive all that more memorable. The Royal Mail Hotel has put together the perfect road trip from Melbourne to Dunkeld. Whether getting out of Melbourne was chaos or not, hitting […]