Kitchen Garden

Spring – a welcome change to the kitchen garden

After a long winter period, the Royal Mail Hotel kitchen garden is gearing up for a productive season. Spring is here bringing warmer soils and longer days, helping to launch the garden into full swing. Firstly, seeds and plants must be sowed. The kitchen garden team are working hard at planting all of the season’s […]

A Slow Transition to Winter at the Royal Mail Hotel Kitchen Garden

An extra long summer and a very slow start to autumn, has seen the Kitchen Garden adapt to an unusual micro-climate in Dunkeld. Fortunately, the Royal Mail Hotel has a team of highly skilled gardeners – and some very helpful irrigation – who know what’s best for the crops during this time. Naturally, the hotter […]

Autumn News from the Royal Mail Hotel Kitchen Garden

The nights are getting longer and days shorter – autumn has arrived. The Kitchen Garden is prepped and ready for the cooler temperatures. From leafy greens and root vegetables, to alliums and brassicas, the list of produce is sure to have your taste buds dancing. We checked in with Michelle, the Kitchen Garden Specialist and […]