Dunkeld’s 419-year-old tree

Meet the Immortal Red Gum – a heritage listed tree on the Royal Mail Hotel’s nearby Mount Sturgeon property. Estimated to be 419 years old, this River Red Gum has stood, or fallen, the test of time. At one point in its long history, this tree has fallen over and continued to grow. It has […]

Fat-Tailed Dunnarts Join Royal Mail Hotel Conservation Program

The Royal Mail Hotel Conservation team have added another resident to the Mount Sturgeon Biodiversity Reserve – the cute and tiny carnivorous marsupial called Fat-Tailed Dunnarts. Endemic to Australia, there are 19 known species of dunnarts living across the continent.  They are part of the Dasyuridae family, which also includes quolls and the Tasmanian devil. […]

Success for Royal Mail Hotel Quoll Breeding Program

The Royal Mail Hotel is thrilled to announce the arrival of six baby eastern quolls. Extinct on mainland Australia, this is an exciting step in the breeding partnership with the Tasmanian Quoll Conservation Program. What is a quoll? Quolls are carnivorous marsupials native to Australia and New Guinea. There are six species of quoll, four […]

A Destination Dining Experience at the Royal Mail Hotel

The Royal Mail Hotel offers an experience, you can’t get on the doorstep of suburbia. It’s worth every kilometre traveled to be immersed in a majestic, ancient landscape and be treated to food that travels metres not miles. Step out of the car, inhale that first breath of clean country air, stretch your legs and […]